PT100 Temperature Control Relay

Stock Code: 47A3D412

The 47A3D412 is a PT100 Temperature Control Relay with a SPCO relay which is triggered by the set point and 2 0-10V analogue outputs. One of those analogue outputs is proportionate to measured temperature and the other is proportionate to the set point.


-50°C to 300°C, 24V to 240V AC/DC, ±15%, 1C/O Relay O/P, 202 PT-100 Temperature Control Relay • Wide operating Supply Range 24V to 240V AC/DC. • Two analog outputs of 0 to 10V DC. • Sensor Fault detection (open/short) indication through LED’s as well as Analog outputs. • LED Indications for power ON and relay ON status display. • Adjustable wide temperature range from -50°C to 300°C through DIP switches. • Auto/Manual reset mode selectable through DIP switch. • Relay Normal/Inversion mode selectable through DIP switch. • High load switching capacity of output up to 10A. Two Analog Outputs (0 -10)VDC

Supply Voltage24Vac/dc & 110-230Vac
Output Relay / Channels1 X SPCO, 2 X 0-10V
Output Relay Rating10A @ 230V
FunctionTemperature Controller
Monitoring Range-50 - 50°C, 0 - 100°C, 100 - 200°C, 200 - 300°C
MountingDIN Rail
Terminal TypeScrew Terminals
ProtectionIP20, IP40
Type File Name
Data Sheet 47A3D412.pdf
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