2000W AC Air Conditioner Cooler 230Vac

Stock Code: CTACG2026N

Product features

  • All metal shell, beautiful and durable
  • The structure size is thin, which is convenient for the application of smaller spaceCoated heat exchanger, with large distance design, has higher anti-corrosion and dust-proof performance
  • Levels of protection:IP54
  • Normally open and normally closed alarm input, which greatly facilitates access to the monitoring in the cabinet
  • High and low temperature and other alarm signal output
  • RS485 interface, realize remote monitoring function through Modbus Protocol
  • Nixie tube menu display, convenient for setting parameters and viewing alarm information
  • R134a environment-friendly refrigerant, meeting ROHS requirements
  • Condensate evaporation function option
  • High reliability, 365 days / year, uninterrupted operation for 5-10 years
Supply Voltage230Vac
Output Power2000W
Special FeaturesRS485
Air Flow750m3/h
Type File Name
Data Sheet CTACG2026N.pdf
Instruction Manual USER MANUAL- CTACG2026N.pdf
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