Machine Protection,Load Transducer, 3x380 - 440Vac, 110 - 230Vac, 1 X SPCO 1 X SPNO

Stock Code: HPL500

The Unipower HPL500 is equipped with a specially developed power supply for use from 100V - 575V - both single phased and three phased. Mains voltages in the whole world is hereby covered with one unit. HPL500 also measures currents up to 40A without the use of an external current converter. As all Unipower HPL-modules the HPL500 naturally integrates the functions necessary to establish an efficient and compact supervision or control; Start timer, reaction timer, setpoints etc. For setup simplicity the HPL500 includes peak detectors on the power measurement. Additionally also true kW may be displayed as well as the entered kW range. The measurement is based on a fast four quadrant multiplication of current and voltage making the HPL500 capable of measuring the exact power consumption also on frequency inverters. Measurement: P = 1.732 x V x I x Cos Phi.

Supply Voltage1x 100-400Vac & 3x100-575Vac
Output Relay / Channels1 X SPCO 1 X SPNO
Output Relay Rating5A @ 230V
FunctionMachine Protection,Load Transducer
Monitoring RangeInternal CT: 0.5-40A, External with N/5A CT 50-600A
MountingDIN Rail
Terminal TypeScrew Terminals
ProtectionIP20, IP40
Type File Name
Data Sheet HPL500.pdf
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