Advanced Digital Motor Load Monitor (shaft power monitor) + Modbus Comms, three phase 3x380 - 440Vac, 110 - 230Vac

Stock Code: HPL500MB

The Unipower HPL500-MB is equipped with aspecially developed power supply for use from 100V - 575V - both single phased andthree phased. Mains voltages in the whole world is hereby covered with one unit. HPL500-MB also measures currents up to 40A without the use of an external current converter. As all Unipower HPL-modules the HPL500-MB integrates the functions necessary to establish an efficient and compact supervision or control; Start timer, reaction timer, setpoints etc. For setup simplicity the HPL500 includes peak detectors on the power measurement. This MB-version is an RTU-slave on a MODbus network. The measurement is based on a fast four quadrant multiplication of current and voltage making the HPL500-MB capable of measuring the exact power consumption also on frequency inverters. Measurement: P = 1.732 x V x I x Cos Phi.

Supply Voltage3x380-440Vac, 110-230Vac
Output Relay / Channels1 X SPCO 1 X SPNO
Output Relay Rating5A @ 230V
FunctionMachine Protection,Load Transducer
MountingDIN Rail
Terminal TypeScrew Terminals
ProtectionIP20, IP40
Special FeaturesRS232
Type File Name
Data Sheet HPL500-MB.pdf
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