Stepper Multiplier

Stock Code: G901X

The G901X is a step pulse multiplier that is used to convert your G201X or G203V into a G210X or a G213V, respectively. It works by synthesizing a full step, half step, 5-microstep or 10-microstep pulse based on the jumper setting; this means the drive it is plugged into still has microstep smoothness with a selectable resolution.

For use with G201X and G203V drives Allows your G201X or G203V to run in full-step, half-step, 5-Microstep, and 10-Microstep modes Phase-locked loop pulse multiplier Jumper settable resolution Optoisolated step and direction inputs Please note: The G901X will only work with the G201X and G203V; it is not a standalone product and will not work with any other stepper or servo drives.

MountingScrew Mount
Terminal TypeScrew Terminals
Type File Name
Data Sheet g901x.pdf
Instruction Manual StepMotorBasicsGuide.pdf
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