1 & 3-Phase Digital Voltage Monitoring Relay, 145-500Vac, 2 x SPCO

Stock Code: DMS120

The DMS120 is a Three Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay which protects against Phase Failure (phase loss), Phase Sequence, Phase Asymmetry, Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Neutral Fault and Over & Under Frequency. It can be configured for either 3 wire or 4 wire applications and has adjustable Start (ON) and Trip (OFF) delays. This unit has two seperate 5A relay outputs which can be configured as either Fail Safe or Non-Fail Safe and can be a latched output it required. The DMS110 also has a backlit display which shows current voltage of all three phases and relay status.

Supply Voltage3x380-440Vac, 3x480Vac
Output Relay / Channels2 x SPCO
Output Relay Rating5A @ 230V
FunctionPhase Failure
MountingDIN Rail
Terminal TypeScrew Terminals
Connections3 Wire, 4 Wire
ProtectionIP20, IP40
Special FeaturesDigital Screen
Type File Name
Data Sheet GICDigitalVMR.pdf
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