Panel Mounted Digital Motor Load Monitor (shaft power monitor) 3x400vac

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he Unipower HPL130A is a member of a family of "Intelligent Power Control Units". The unit measures power (kW) from the following formula: P = √3 x U x I x Cosϕ

The primary function of the unit lies in the supervision and control of machinery dri-ven by 3-phased AC-motors. The HPL130A integrates a Max. kW and a special dP/dt limit detector. The unit has been developed specifically for the super-vision of machinery that experiences va-riable power consumption because of shifting load or large temperature deviations. As well as the support functions Ts, Tr, hysteresis etc. the HPL130A has a built in current converter that works up to 8 Amp.

Supply Voltage3x400Vac
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Data Sheet HPL130A.pdf
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