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1929 till this day …and in the future. The company was founded by Hugo Müller in 1929. Within a very short time the innovative company had become well known in the locality as a manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers, headphones, radio assembly kits, radios and, some time later, radio timeswitches.

For Hugo Müller, the change to electronics occurred in 1978, when the first timeswitch capable of being programmed for a year was introduced to the market. Its success was also virtually pre-programmed – the new product was exceptionally well received. Today, timeswitches continue to be an important element of the product range, albeit with features which are subject to continuous improvement. This characteristic reflects the Company‘s objective for the future. The consistent optimization and expansion of the standard product range, including tailormade products to meet individual customers‘ specific needs.

Our product solution range includes timing devices such as analog and digital timers, master clocks, hour meters, count down timers and light control devices such as analog and digital twilight switches, astronomical timeswitches, staircase timer, dimmers and also devices for climate control and building automation (KNX).

Quality ISO 9001 Today Hugo Müller is specialized exclusively in instruments for “switching, controlling and counting” the earlier manufactured headphones have long been a thing of the past. At the same time, our products continue to stand out by virtue of their quality and reliability. Given the regional tradition for excellence in light engineering, it is not surprising that Hugo Müller products acquired a reputation for durability and precision from the very outset.

Production We place considerable importance on complying with the latest state of the art at all times. It is only by using modern production methods that we are able to make products which satisfy present-day requirements. To meet the demanding standards, we employ the latest production equipment e.g. in our SMD and Heat-Seal-soldering technique.

The quality of our products is also assured by the fact that we have our own plastic moulding units, enabling us to manufacture flexible and on time. The same goes for our pad printing, on-demand printing and laser marking. All three technologies ensure the individual marking of our products.

Service Being a firm of “manageable” size, we are able to react rapidly and non-bureaucratically, particularly when dealing with individual customers. In addition to our standard range that we are selling with the two brands “müller” and “paladin” we develop and manufacture tailor-made products. We handle everything, from the original idea to the serial manufactured article. In this case, serial production means “exclusiveness”. Whatever we develop and produce for you, we keep it strictly in-house.

Where you are, is where we are – not only geographically but also “in spirit”. This means that we can supply you with products which meet your needs and give you satisfaction. Our employees are always willing to help you to resolve your problems.

We are looking forward to new challenges and the ideas of tomorrow.

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